Three Year Room

Each and every new accomplishment fills your preschooler with pride and the excitement to learn more. Our program offers weekly age related themes that are full of hands on activities that will have your child singing, dancing, listening to stories, and playing and exploring the outdoors. Your child’s classroom is divided into discovery areas that offer flexible activities and lots of room for active, independent or group play. The teachers work closely with your child to embrace all they can from our discovery areas.


Here children use hands on experience to explore size, shape, weight and volume using simple materials.


Preschoolers express themselves in many ways although working in the art area is a fun and creative way to do so. Preschoolers can take various materials and explore with them.

Home Living/Dramatic Play

Children love to act out make believe and real life events. In doing so this helps to develop language and social skills.


Build, build, build children enjoy building and in doing so they learn important concepts such as balance, size, shape and proportions.

Table Toys

Sorting, grouping and counting will be introduced to your child with hands on activities.


A soft and quiet place to read a book or look at picture books helps to build early reading skills.

Circle Time

Offers a time to gather as a group or sing, dance, listen to stories, music and other learning activities that foster listening, language skills, creativity and social development.

Outdoor Play Time

Learning will continue outside with group games, nature study, and free time running, climbing, sliding and riding to help develop thinking and gross motor development.

Our door is always open for our parents to come in and spend time with their child. It is always exciting for the children to have mommy or daddy at school with them. Maybe you would like to eat lunch, read a story or just play. You are always welcome.

We use Creative Curriculum that is aligned with the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards (GELDS)

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